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We Are Remickal,

We are a pan-African development organization, based in Harare, Zimbabwe,

Remickal Contractors (Private) Limited is a pan-African development organization, based in Harare, Zimbabwe, whose primary objective is to facilitating, managing and delivering world-class land, infrastructure and overall industrial and economic developments across the African continent. As a corporate, its operations are centred on the recognition of human needs and the development and initiation of subsequent actions required to meet those needs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our Core Areas

Land & Infrastructure

Economic growth can be attributed to many things, which include good governance and efficient use of available resources.

Financial Planning

Creating and maintaining a financial policy that ensures consistent accounting practices and security of financial resources.


Developing, implementing & maintaining strong internal controls that safeguard our clients’ vision.


Creating and maintaining a policy that ensures consistent practices and security of resources.

Why Choose Remickal Contractors?

As a company, we always look to utilize our relationships with existing clients to build and increase our market share. Our dedication to the delivery of excellent services sums up our competitive edge. While the primary purpose of a business is to make a profit, Remickal’s approach is based on the idea that profit/loss follows the success or failure of meeting a human need, be it personal or business. While we’re aware that liquidity is the lifeblood of the various industries, our actions are always in line with our intentions of breaking even at every level before we realize profits.

To aid this, the company further commits itself to regular, voluntary economic, environmental and technological research exercises for such reasons as:

  •  To discover and/or open up new channels of business within different industries
  • To further analyze the needs of its clients and/or investors
  • To identify cost-cutting solutions to improving project security by the use of technology
  • To consistently dictate financial as well as economic trends

Our Management

Carlton Mhene
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Takudzwa B. Dube
Co-Founder & Business Analyst
Michael Mhene
Non Executive Director